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Finding The Best Instructors
Virtuoso Music instructors have all been individually chosen using the company's unique and rigorous selection criteria. Most have at least a Bachelor's degree in music, and all have real-world experience teaching in a one-on-one environment.

Virtuoso Music looks for resilient teachers who are able to adapt their teaching approach as required. It is necessary that all of our teachers have a true love for teaching and a natural ability to connect with children or adult students. Our goal is to positively influence the way our students respond to learning music and their chosen instruments by hiring enthusiastic teachers who love their job.

Matching You With The Right Teacher
Our Lesson Coordinators are trained to work with you to make a compatible match with one of our instructors, and can provide you with detailed information to help you make your choice. We take into account many factors when matching you with one of our instructors, including your preferences for teaching style and of course the days and times you are available for lessons.

We are dedicated to finding an exceptional instructor for you, and to ensure we've made the right match your introductory session is always free.

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