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At Virtuoso Music we offer you an unrivaled full-service music education experience. When you join our music community, here is a sample of what you can expect:

  • Teachers Who Get Results - We have a large variety instructors teaching all major instruments who have met our extensive teacher selection criteria. We believe music lessons should be fun, and we personally select qualified teachers who have a passion for their instrument(s).

  • Competitive Prices - Due to tremendous growth in recent years, mostly from positive word of mouth, we have been able to offer an increasingly robust experience while keeping our prices at or below our competitors who offer only a fraction of our services.

  • Music Credit Program - Save money on music by leveraging our music community relationships and growing repertoire library.

  • Recitals - We offer two optional recitals, given in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.

  • Festivals - Our festivals provide a more formal performance opportunity, with written feedback and the ability to earn awards.

  • Community Events and Volunteer Opportunities - Get involved in the community with our musical "just for fun" events and volunteer opportunities.

  • Flexible and Fair Policies - Allowances for vacations, no long-term contracts, and you may cancel at any time. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and our lesson policies reflect that.

  • Multiple Payment Options - Receive your bill by mail or electronically. Pay with check, credit card, or auto-draft. Pay manually or with our AutoPay option. You choose what's best for you.

  • Quarterly Newsletter - Each quarter you will receive a custom newsletter to keep you up to date in your music community.

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