Are you interested in operating a meaningful business
that promotes music education in your community?

Are you searching for a franchise business that offers
incredible potential in a growing industry?

A Virtuoso Music® franchise may be the answer!

Virtuoso Music was formed to meet the demands of families and individuals who want a meaningful music education experience, easy and consistent lesson scheduling, and hand-selected instructors who are dedicated and enthusiastic. We provide music lessons in families’ homes or schools - at times most convenient to the students. In addition, we offer numerous opportunies throughout the year for our students to apply their new skills and participate in music events.


Virtuoso Music is seeking energetic individuals who are interested in taking part in an exiciting, unique, and growing business. This is a ground-floor opportunity to join a proven and successful music education company, all while working from home! A music background is not required – our franchisees focus on marketing and growing their business with a team of instructors that teach the lessons. Talk to us today to find out more about the reasons a Virtuoso Music franchise may be the right fit for you.

Many people and businesses are currently involved in music education – public and private schools, freelance teachers, music colleges, retail music establishments, churches and community centers are all among those in the business of teaching students to play instruments or to sing. The educational services industry as a whole has seen exceptional and consistent performance and is forcasted to continue to grow in years to come*. Interest in music education, in particular, is growing as its emphasis in public school curriculums has declined.


Offering music lessons at students' homes and schools is a service that many customers are only recently beginning to realize is an affordable and time-saving option for them. With the demands placed on today’s families, businesses that offer convenience and the ability to save time (without sacrificing quality) are becoming increasingly valuable.

Virtuoso Music offers entrepreneurial-minded individuals the ability to participate in the growing music education industry following a proven system of operation. Virtuoso Music offers music lessons and other music-related products and services at customers’ homes, in schools, and at other locations; in addition to coordinating musical bookings, recitals, festivals, community events, and performances. We provide a “full-service” music education experience, beyond what is offered from the majority of other music lesson options available to students. We take the hassle out of finding a qualified teacher and scheduling time to drive to lessons – all while offering a motivational environment necessary to keep students engaged in their studies.


Our franchise system allows franchisees to hit the ground running, hiring instructors and building their student base right away. If you are looking for a franchise that combines a love for music with a successful and profitable business model, a Virtuoso Music franchise may be just what the teacher ordered!


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