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Virtuoso Music Festivals are offered once per year.

In conjunction with the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC), Virtuoso Music puts on one festival each year open to all students. Our festivals provide a more formal experience than recitals, using the NFMC guidelines and offering our students the ability to earn nationally-recognized NFMC awards. Highlights of the program include:

  • Perform in front of an NFMC-approved judge, and receive written rating on various aspects of the presentation.
  • All ages and skill levels welcome, although at this time the festival is only offered for piano and voice students. Guitar and other string instruments are coming soon!
  • Each performer will receive points reported back to the NFMC, good towards earning the coveted NFMC Gold Cup award. Previously earned points (from other NFMC festivals) can transfer into our program.
  • Festivals are held each year in February or March, and awards are presented in a ceremony following our Spring recital in May or June.
Virtuoso Music festivals are open to the general public - although membership fees are discounted or free for Virtuoso Music teachers and students. Current teachers and students will receive detailed information by mail and through our newsletters about fees, signup process and deadlines, performance requirements (music choices), festival dates, and other details.
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